Member Expense Policy

Expense requests must be turned into the union office within 90 days of the event. All expense requests must be accompanied by an original receipt. Copies, credit card receipts, or bills are not considered receipts.

Members are eligible for mileage and parking reimbursement if they are an executive board member attending an executive board meeting or delegate assembly, a member organizer or member political organizer, or have been pre-authorized by an officer of the union. Mileage is paid at the current IRS rate for miles over 20 miles a day.

Member travel must be coordinated by and paid for through the union office. The Per Diem for overnight stays will be calculated and paid out prior to travel date whenever possible. Reimbursement for meals, rental cars, and other travel related expenses must be pre-authorized by an officer of the union.

To receive wages you must have a current paystub, W-4 and I-9 form filed with the union office. Members are encouraged to arrange for direct deposit to their bank account.

Members may be eligible for other expenses made at direction of union staff to complete duties for the union or on behalf of the union.

You are eligible for mileage reimbursement if you are:

  1. An Executive Board member attending Executive Boardmeetings and Delegate Assemblies.
  2. A member organizer or political organizer.
  3. An authorized member.


Twenty miles per day are subtracted from the total for regular commuting. Any miles over twenty, driven to complete duties for the union or on behalf of the union, are considered business miles and will be reimbursed.